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The average degree (second) is characterized by the persistence of unpleasant symptoms for two weeks, during which the condition changes dramatically. Moderate (third) is characterized by a sharp increase in temperature, the appearance of fever, heavy sweat, acute pain in the muscles and chest. During the severe stage (fourth), a long course of ondansetron pills is noted, causing irreversible consequences in the lung tissues. They are also visible on the X-ray of the ultrasound examination of the internal organs. The manifestation of the disease in children and people with poor immunity.

Persons with a weak protective function are much more likely to suffer from histoplasmosis of the lungs. This group of people easily includes babies, the elderly, patients receiving therapy for cancer, HIV-infected. Infection will tell signs such as. It is difficult to identify the pathology on its own in time, since its symptoms are similar to pneumonia or influenza. The region of residence of a sick person can also complicate the diagnosis, since a fungus of this species is extremely rarely detected in US. If you have recently traveled to countries with a high percentage of morbidity, then you should tell the specialist at the reception about this. You can seek help from a therapist, but it is better to buy zofran visit an infectious disease specialist or a pulmonologist. The doctor will schedule tests. sputum and scrapings from the oral cavity, blood, urine and feces, as well as fluoroscopy. Serological methods are sometimes required, for example, a biopsy or an intradermal test with histoplasmin (the mechanism of action is similar to the Mantoux reaction).

The latter method of diagnosis is not always effective and is carried out very rarely. In people with the immunodeficiency virus, the study may be complicated due to negative serological reactions and intradermal testing. For this reason, almost all patients are prescribed blood donation for HIV infection in the first place.

To get rid of histoplasmosis of the lungs, antimycotic drugs are used. It is undesirable to use them without the supervision of a doctor, since they are toxic and have side effects. Therapy depends on the severity and form of pulmonary histoplasmosis.
In the presence of an asymptomatic or initial stage of pathology, antifungal agents are not prescribed, they are limited to drugs to order ondansetron online discomfort and vitamin complexes. Proper nutrition with a sufficient amount of useful trace elements and bed rest will positively affect the patient's condition. Pain relievers and antipyretics, which are recommended for use in case of poor health, alleviate the condition.

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A severe or advanced form of Darling's disease requires the use of drugs against the fungus. Intraconazole, Ketoconazole, Meglumine sodium succinate and others. Means are prescribed in different forms of release, for example, in the form of tablets or drip injections intravenously. The treatment regimen and dosage are adjusted for the patient, so they cannot be used ondansetron without a doctor's recommendation. In the event of the development of side effects (nausea, vomiting, convulsions, anemia, mental disorders), you should immediately stop therapy and contact a specialist to replace the medication.

As a rule, hospitalization is necessary in rare cases, when something threatens a person's life. At home, it is allowed to take zofran pills out inhalations with medicinal solutions. Severe pulmonary histoplasmosis is treated in a hospital setting, as surgical treatment may be necessary. For example, with the development of complications, a pericardial puncture, lung resection, and removal of lymph nodes in an abscess are performed. Forecast and preventive measures.

  • Timely identified disease and timely therapy can cure the disease completely. No complications in people with good immunity with effective treatment should not occur.
  • Complications occur if the patient sought medical help too late, has some diseases, weakened the protective function of the body and did not follow the doctor's recommendations.
  • Histoplasmosis of the lungs has long been successfully treated with modern drugs that quickly eliminate the symptoms of the disease and destroy the causative agent of the fungal infection.
  • The body does not develop immunity to this disease, so it can again disturb during life.
  • There is no prevention of the disease, as well as vaccines or medicines that prevent infection.
  • Some rules will help not to get infected, but they do not guarantee complete safety.
  • The main measures are to observe the rules of personal hygiene and safety while staying on poultry farms, in caves or agricultural work.